Imran Ashraf

Really Gifted!

Kinda cute, they looked together! I never even imagined Imran Ashraf will look so good with that pretty girl, Iqra Aziz. But, there they are in the newest domestic match, Ta’beer.

Of course, in this column, I am talking about Imran in Alif Allah Aur Insan (AAAI), which ended mid-Feb and surely left a big vacuum.

Tell you what, if a young actor, this early in his career, defies ‘hero’ vainglory, he deserves to be looked at with different eyes! Arguably, that usually happens to the De Caprios of the screen, meaning those who have worked since child star roles. But, I don’t know if Imran did any of those. So, that’s unusual. To decide to do meaty roles, not hero roles. Particularly qabil-e-ta’reef, in my form book!

In AAAI, Imran Ashraf hit the ground running. I mean, playing the villain opposite Hina Altaf in a previous drama could not have prepared him for this trans-sexual role. This was a grade up! Not everybody can even attempt it. Just for example, brilliant actors like Nayyar Ejaz and Mehmood Aslam, gifted with unreal voices, played trans roles in a comedy serial. But, to do that at this young age, with serious intent, discussing their community, and perform this well, you should be praised to kingdom come!

Yet, I don’t see his name in any awards lined up. Ajeeb baat hai ke naheen?