Teefa In Trouble

Sensational Square Drive!

Rapier like thrust! Our own adventurous gent, Ali Zafar, literally stunned the PSL ‘midnightly’ audience by walking on the clouds! Of course, it was a publicity stunt for his new film, but he has always given such tremendous entries in any form of entertainment you can think of.

Though no kala tendwa (sorry, Black Panther) on the glistening purdah, Ali must be lauded for creating his bit of good will and adventure every time he ventures forth. Whoever he has met on the screen has nice words for him. Siddarth Malhotra, Yami Gautam, Katrina Kaif, Ranveer Singh, you name them. This time, though, his Teefa in Trouble (made me think of somebody in London!) looks like superhero stuff, and rightfully so, because its jhalak seems to promise some circuit-breaker sizzle.

Good on you, Ali Zafar, since we certainly felt he looked slightly jaded in Kill Dil. In Teefa…, he looks like greased lightning. Best of fortunes, lotsa luck buddy!



    Shakira commented one year ago

    Katrina kaif says he’s a sleezbag, Imran Khan says he tried to pose as the lead, and he got kicked off khuda key liye for his immature attitude. The is a flop, that why he has to do publicity stunts.

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