Ghoom Tana

New Juice!

It’s appropriate to say its new beverage in the old bottle! Rather flagon full of the new mix!

What more can you say about this new concoction of the previous ingredients, when you gulp it down irresistibly, without even recalling self’s earlier reaction to the original. Somebody, at a rather inopportune moment, reminded me that when I listened to the earlier version of Ghoom Tana, I had burst out with quite unreasonable adjectives, frothing at the mouth. Straining the old bean, I finally recalled that scene. Since its new version, I have listened to the hit for a quadrillion times. So, then….?

Sadly, taking nothing from Salman, who is the creator of the ditty, the earlier version had no juice. Because both persons singing it were non-singers. Salman had no crooning glory to his name, and saloni beauty, Nandita, a superb activist, failed to add any zing to it either. It was, to say the least, boring. But, Momina has not only sung Ghoom Tana wonderfully well, the sweet chorus and revamped music has added a new dimension to it. Salman, as usual, is great at the string theory, and a superb song is thus fashioned!