Guide To Shining In Evening Wear This

The second half of the year is upon us, and that means just one thing – festivities galore! Expect plenty of invitations to dinner parties, weddings, winter soirees and events throughout the next few months, until you literally can take it no more. The one thing that every gal frets about when she receives an invite is: ‘What am I going to wear? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone.

This winter season there’s only one fashion mantra to follow – less is more. Replace those long layers and yards of detailing; they do nothing but be an inconvenience and land you in a hot mess, with classy stylish separates. Take a minimalistic approach to evening wear and show everyone just how to dress impeccably, keeping it subtle yet powerful. Bring your wardrobe to life using architectural silhouettes, along with statement embellishments.

Wedding season is almost here, which naturally means it’s that special time of year when we’re constantly second guessing our dresses. Women are often left wanting to wear something different at each of the events they go to: if you don’t own something grand and don’t particularly want to buy something for a one-off occasion, just make sure you wear an ensemble in rich colours (black, jewel tones, chic metallics, brown), so as not to look too casual and as the hemline isn’t too short or the style isn’t too revealing, so as to not look inappropriately dressed. Conversely, if you are sporting something in an edgy cut or with lots of detailing, keep the shade light, since the silhouette is inherently dressy. Another acceptable option for formal affairs is chic separates, such as a silk top.

Always bear in mind: if your host is making a real effort, you need to make one, too. And if all else fails, buy a cluster of diamante brooches and pile them on to lapels and necklines – or messy, bed-head hair. Tell everyone they are heirlooms and prepare to sparkle.

Wearing white to a formal affair is an dated fashion rule that was put into place during more conservative times when white was thought to be a way-too-classy, elegant colour. Yes, you might want to stay away from wearing a skin-tight white dress to a formal affair, but you probably don’t want to wear that in any colour. These days, there are tons of high-style red dresses that are perfectly acceptable as formal wear, as evidenced by the runways at fashion weeks and red carpets, on which celebrities often wearing white dresses look elegant and feminine, as opposed to tasteless. A good rule of thumb: choose white ensembles that are made from rich silky fabrics like chiffon or organza, as opposed to shiny satin or anything too stretchy, and always keep embellishments to a minimum.

Should you wear red to a wedding? Despite the fact that many think it is perfectly fine to wear a red ensemble to someone else’s wedding so long as it’s not overtly bridal, you should proceed with caution. It has become a pretty big no-no in modern times, and you could run the risk of offending the bride – even if it’s a given that you won’t take away any of her attention. And since too many women are against wearing that colour to a wedding unless you’re the bride, it will look like you made a conscious effort to cause some drama. Your best bet? Save that ethereal red gown for another formal event that’s not a wedding.

Assess the location and choose your shoes accordingly. Gravel, concrete, wooden floor floor? Park the stilettos to avoid embarassment. Layer up without compromising on style. Since autumn is almost upon us, some formal events may take place at nights when you just want to cover yourself up. Invest in a chic shawl or cashmere wrap in case you get chilly.