Boman gets social media right

Unlike some of his contemporaries, Boman Irani doesn’t believe in posting personal opinions about socio-political issues on social media. “Of course, we are all perturbed by them (social and political problems). But unless and until my voice can make a difference, there’s no point voicing my concerns at all. One has to get involved and work at a basic level to make a change. Writing something on social media doesn’t solve anything,” Boman expresses. He further adds, “There’s too much hatred, anger on social media these days. I, therefore, try not to make anyone angry with my posts.

Sharing his secret, the actor says, “You will always see me clicking photos with the restaurant staff, or wherever I go. I want to spread positivity. I like being warm, and always try to spread love. I try to do the same on my social media.”