A man’s guide to smelling good

How you smell plays an important part in who you are. The way someone smells lingers far longer in the senses than the outfit they wear or the hairstyle they choose, and getting it just right can leave a powerful impression. Every man needs a signature scent. Don't choose cologne because it's what you want to smell like. Choose one because it smells like you. This guide will help you navigate the fragrance counter like a pro and will help you find the right one.

Invest in a luxury fragrance

It doesn’t take too much to get your hands on a scent you are likely to bump into someone wearing the same scent as you. Most guys will automatically opt for the cheaper, more common Eau de Toilette in whatever scent they like, so if you’re after something that will last you a good chunk of time, doing this is setting yourself up for failure. Therefore, hunt for fragrances that are rarer, are exclusive to certain shops or only available in high-end or boutique retailers.

Find your signature scent

Always think of fragrance in terms of who you are and who you want others to perceive you as. Experiment with different fragrances till you find the right one for you. Once you find a fragrance you like, stick with it. Make your signature scent something you’d want to linger on a scarf or a sweater. It’s about leaving a little of yourself behind.

Buy alternative fragrance

It’s best to have at least two or three fragrances on the go – as important as a signature scent is, you don’t want to smell same the all the time.

Go lighter in warmer weather

Heavier, more luxurious fragrances tend to work less well in summer. They don’t smell as fresh; it’s like it’s still clinging to your clothes from winter. Go lighter, more citrusy or floral when the sun’s out, so you smell ultra fresh.

Put it on right

The first and really only rule to applying perfume is to keep it subtle. When applying, sprinkle a little on the inside of your wrists, your chest and the base of your neck, and that is it. Applying perfume this way will ensure that it can be smelled by those close to you and will enable it to open up throughout the day.

A lasting efffect

Applying your cologne immediately after a nice, hot shower will maximise your efforts. After a hot shower, your pores will open, capturing the scent. This will help keep you smelling great all day. Moreover, a cologne’s ability to provide you with long, effective service depends largely on how well you keep it. The key to this is simple diligence and discipline. Keep your cologne in a cool, dark place where it’s unlikely to be disturbed. Those who have to smell you will thank you in the long run.