She Regrets Nothing
by Andrea Dunlop

Laila, a dental hygienist from a small-town in Michigan, finally meets her estranged family when they show up at her mother’s funeral unannounced. Her prominent New York relatives ultimately show Laila what life is like in their opulent universe, which leads to the revelation of a dark family scandal she never saw coming.

My Family and Other Animals
by Gerald Durrell

In this autobiographical account of his family’s move to the Greek isle of Corfu, naturalist Gerald Durrell recreates his own adolescent observations with charm, populating the world with eccentric characters and interesting creatures.

Love, Nina: A Nanny Writes Home
by Nina Stibbe

The book chronicles author Nina Stibbe’s time as a nanny for the two young sons of Mary-Kay Wilmers. Stibbes documented her time with the family by sending letters to her sister, highlighting her amusing observations about London’s wealthy literary elite.

How I Became A Famous Novelist
by Steve Hely

In this book, protagonist Pete Tarslaw decides to write a novel “mostly to humiliate [his ex-girlfriend] Polly, and impress people at her wedding.” In a cutting reflection of publishing and popularity, he cracks the code to writing a bestseller and lives with the consequences.

My Life In France
by Julia Child

If you loved watching Julia Child on TV, you'll love reading her memoir even more. Her memoir, which served as the basis for the movie Julie and Julia, regales the story of Julia's romance with French cuisine, as well as with her husband Paul.