60 Seconds With Daniyal Raheal

Daniyal Raheal is an actor who pursued his passion for production and acting while studying theatre and television at Beaconhouse National University. He is veteran TV actor Simi Raheal’s son and Mehreen Raheal’s brother. Although Daniyal debuted in drama serial Silvatein, he had been involved in the theatre circuit oft and on, and even produced television commercials and campaigns. After Operation 021, Dua and a couple of other drama serials, he has established himself as an actor in Pakistan television industry.

The biggest perk of being me is having my family around.

Best part of the day for me is when I get to run.

I am currently listening to Tearing Me Up by Bob Moses

If stuck on an island, I would eat loads of raw fish and learn how to make wasabi

The last photograph I took was a blurry picture of someone sitting on my bed.

Life for me is new every day.

Best memory to-date is watching my kite fly when I was young.

Best vacation memory watching the sun come up on my birthday in Bali.

My style philosophy is to look good and feel good.