Apple's HomePod leaves a lasting mark with its customers

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In addition to providing listeners with commendable sound quality, Apple's new HomePod, worth US$350, could leave an impact in more ways. The smart speaker could literally leave an impression on some wooden surfaces - as white rings. Compatible with other Apple products, The HomePod streams music to those with an Apple Music subscription. Besides its ability to mar wood, surfaces like a butcher block countertop treated with oil can react adversely with the silicon base of the HomePod, leaving a lasting ring on the surface. Some users have complained about the product leaving its mark in less than 20 minutes of use.

Turn your smartphone into a microscope!

We know you can’t take your microscope everywhere with you. Don’t worry, its 3D-printed version has got you covered! Developed by the researchers of ARC Centre of Excellence for Nanoscale BioPhotonics (CNBP), it can be clipped to your smartphone and work in accordance with its camera.

Requiring no external lighting source and saving the researchers from a lot of hassle by bringing a larger microscope, the smartphone microscope is a handy tool for conducting fieldwork in distant areas. According to researchers, the CNBP version of smartphone microscope uses the built-in flash in most phones to provide light to the internal illumination tunnels to enlighten the samples from behind.