Facebook introduces New Face Recognition Features

While part of being on Facebook involves your ‘face’, its recent update has taken the stance too literally by introducing various face recognition features. The social media site newly announced the features in December and have gradually implemented them out since then. The users who choose face recognition are notified of the photos they appear in, irrespective of the tags (you just need to allow it in settings). When asked about how the face recognition feature works, Facebook referred to its blog posts from December announcing the new settings and answering privacy concerns. While the posts are really helpful, we are still trying to figure out what Facebook wants to do with our faces.

Facebook rolls out support for enhanced 3D posts on news feed

Support for 3D imagery on Facebook is growing. Last October, Facebook introduced interactive posts of 3D objects to its news feed. The social network has rolled out support for a new file format, which will make it even easier for users to share high-quality 3D images.

The format, gITF 2.0, allows for more realistic rendering of objects' textures, and more detailed 3D art.

Along with support for the new format, Facebook is rolling out new Graph API endpoints that will allow developers to build 3D sharing to Facebook directly into their third-party apps.

Currently, users can upload 3D content from Sony's 3D creator app and the Oculus Medium web gallery. Support for 3D objects from Google's Poly library is still in the works.