LEGO is ‘Going Green'

  • 10 Mar - 16 Mar, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
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The toy giant will start making some of its products from plants instead of oil.

LEGO's plastic superheroes, astronauts, knights, and ninjas are, like most such materials, primarily made from oil. Legos have been made this way for nearly 70 years. But the toy company now wants to wean itself from petroleum and produce its famous toys with plants instead – specifically tropically-grown sugarcane.

Recently, the company announced it would begin producing its softer LEGOs – like its little trees and bushes – from sugarcane-sourced plastics.

"It sounds high-falutin, but it's our belief that we owe it to children not to damage their planet by making their favourite toy," said Tim Brooks, LEGO's vice president of environmental responsibility and sustainable materials Center, in an interview.

For the purpose, it has started purchasing sugarcane from Brazil – but Woods said the company ensured it's being grown on agricultural land, "so we’re not chopping down rainforest to grow the crop." The sugarcane sourcing also got a thumbs up from the Bioplastic Feedstock Alliance, which provides guidance on sustainably grown sugarcane.