Anwar Maqsood – retirement? Pen intended!

I feel jittery after I read in a section of the press that the Badshah of Pun (and fun) says that ‘Buss, ab bohot ho chuka’, and he is going to retire his pen pricks very soon!

I mean, it won’t be the same without his teer-o-nishtar, surely. Already, you don’t have a decent satirist on the soap box. AM was doing a fine job, even with his current theatrical stuff. Alas, NAPA can’t teach talent for pun in its courses. That’s gotta be a gift.

And now, he is hanging his pen on the qalamdan! It’s a sorry tale that we don’t have even a semblance of replacement in this genre. Aside from mizah or humour, which was in Aangan Terha, Anwar Sahab excels in satire, though he mostly turns phrases and makes it also a ma’nvi mizah or pun fun. His satire used to be available in his columns in the late daily Hurriyat. I think he employed humour and satire, both in Half Plate, though of the domestic type. Sarcasm and political satire he usually employs in his writings, as seen in Pawnay 14 August etc in theatre, or in his readings at the Press Club, Arts Council etc. But, the vital fact is that we have no such talent door door tak in the country.