Silver Purdah, Handsome Boys!

FEATURES may feature vitally on the 70mm, but emotions on those features must change with enough ease too! Some observers noted that light does not reflect well on Humayun’s features. But, even they were astonished to see how Humayun Saeed hit the jackpot in his very first movie, Samina Peerzada’s Inteha, while a handsomer fellow, the hero of the film, Zeeshan Sikandar disappeared forever from Lollywood. Similar was the case with Ahmed Butt, who married Humeira Arshad, and left the screen.

But, in the end it’s the director, who teaches a handsome actor to emote well, as is the case with Akshay Kumar across the LoC. So, why is it, that with five to six young and handsome boys in Pakistan’s cinema, they don’t take any credit for their films? Our directors not good enough?

After Shehzad Sheikh failed to impress in Karachi se Lahore, no important young male lead surfaced for a long time. But, one can recall that Hamza Ali Abbasi certainly looked good in Waar. He had been a policeman, and he looked a real law and order chap. Sadly, he is inconsistent in his career pickings. Hamza has talent, as he showed abundantly, in Man Mayal. He has the looks, he has a superb vocal throw and delivery, and seems to be versatile. Let’s see how his Maula Jutt comes out!

As for Fawad Khan, he is very selective, and rightly so. But, amongst the younger guys, at least three personable guys are with us in Pakistan. Their names are Bilal Ashraf, Ali Rehman, and Emad Irfani. If you compare them with the Indian film heroes, you can see that they fill the screen much better than any of them. And yet, none of them have seriously been introduced as leading men. Entry or introduction is a special science on the big screen. Not many have learned it in Pakistan.