Sanam Saeed – wonderful!

Her beautiful nasal delivery convinces you that Sanam Saeed is good for all media! But, incredibly, back before Daam, she hardly had the credentials that she could be so good on the emotional screen!

Those who’ve seen the jhalkiyan of the upcoming film, Cake, say Sanam looks as calm and relaxed as they have ever seen her perform on any screen. No doubt, she has come a long way from her days when she only looked good in the ads. That brilliant vibration in her voice, that sensitive work, with perturbation behind the eyes as she showed in Dil Banjara, proved that she has transcended her barriers.

The wonderful thing about Sanam is that she could transform into a meddling vamp, as she proved in Umaira Ahmed’s great serial, Daam, as well as do that mellow job she did in Dil Banjara. Her foray into films hasn’t given us any big hit yet. But, Cake could soon change all that!