Bulletin Board Late Feb, Early March

Wintry fog still makes the sleek motorway in Lahore look like a haunted highway! But, now the aasebi manzar is slowly giving way to moosladar barish. Of course, the former Tinseltown hardly sees any showbiz activity nowadays. So, all of the above may be quite symbolic to Lollywood.

As for Karachi, the truly karobari shehr, is full of the mahurats and camera close of TV serials and new film signings, late February 2018. Sadly, the so-called Pak horror film (some felt they were talking about local politics!), Pari proved to be no Valkyrie, and with weak wings failed to reach the first week of March! Indian horror movie, Pari, with Anushka (shayad predicting coming events after marriage!) will surely have better shows.

Oh, and Neelam Munir (The Sapphire Moon!) hogged all the limelight with her shimmering jalwa, in Dubai, on 28 Feb, as the hangama khez nights of PSL got off to a great start. By the way, on March 1, Atif Aslam, who has been praised to kingdom come by Indian producer Sanjeev in the background of protests by Bollywood singers to ban Pakistani crooners, still refused to publicise the song of his film, Das Dev! That’s a real turnaround of the romantic legend, isn’t it? And lest I forget, fabulous Ayesha Khan stumped all and sundry by saying she is leaving the showbiz, on March 2. Tsk! What a heartbreak that is. One would have thought she was still good for another decade or so!