Taapsee - speaks against existing nepotism in Bollywood

Venturing into the glamorous world of films wasn’t a bed of roses for Taapsee, who entered Bollywood in 2013 with Chashme Baddoor. The actress reveals that she ‘got rejected over stupid things’ and was talked about in ‘a very weird manner’, initially.

“I was told, ‘You are not beautiful and glamorous enough’, ‘Oh no, you’re too serious an actor’, ‘You’re not good enough an actor’, ‘You are not so and so’s daughter’. I was even told, ‘You are not a big marketable name,” shares Taapsee, who didn’t let this discouragement bring her down, but admits that she wouldn’t want a loved one to go through this, speaking of her younger sister Shagun.

Star siblings often follow in the footsteps of their established brothers and sisters, into filmdom. “Even though I haven’t gone through really bad things, as many have, this isn’t something I’d want my sister to go through. I love her most in the world,” Taapsee is quick to add.