Aamir reveals his ‘pehla nasha’ moment

Aamir Khan recently shared with his fans that he was only 10 when he fell in love the first time, but it was unrequited. The actor tweeted, “Believe it or not, I fell in love for the first time when I was 10 years old... Very few people know this. I had joined tennis coaching and there was a group of 40-50 children there. There was a girl who was a part of it, and I was stunned to see her. It was ‘pehla nasha’ when I first saw her.”

The PK star further added, “I fell head over heels in love with her and was totally besotted by her. I used to think of her day and night. But I never mustered the courage to express my feelings to her. I was too young, and she was of the same age. She was beautiful.”

Sharing everything he did for the mystery girl, Aamir said, “I used to practice a lot because I used to come first and go last. I wanted to impress her also. But after one year or so, her family left the city. It was unrequited love. The interesting thing is when two, three times I fell in love, it was always unrequited love. I was never lucky in love. But now I am.”