Ibtihaj Muhammad

Major leaguer

Ibtihaj Muhammad, an American fencing champion, is a New Jersey native. At 13 years of age she discovered fencing and has since earned numerous medals as well as accolades for her myriad achievements in the world of sports. She successfully secured a spot in USA’s team in 2016, as she qualified for Olympics; in that she made history and became the first Muslim hijabi woman to represent the United States, as well as the first female Muslim-American athlete to also win an Olympic medal after winning the bronze at the Summer games in Rio. Ibtehaj has been pretty competitive from a very young age and had a penchant to play fencing as a sport. Her modest dressing would often make her vulnerable to bullies who wouldn’t let her play, but she stood against the odds, as her mother gave her the confidence not to surrender in the face of adversity and helped her excel at fencing.