Game Night

  • 17 Mar - 23 Mar, 2018
  • Farheen Jawaid
  • Reviews

Jason Bateman has always been a dependable guy. His movies, whatever they may be, have a charm that pulls them through from being a complete mess. Game Night, however, has a lot more going for it then just Bateman.

Max (Bateman) and Annie (Rachel McAdams) are the perfect soulmates. In the opening montage, it’s clear why they get along so well. They are the king and queen of party games, video games and all that good stuff. Together, they are highly competitive and unstoppable.

The two have been married for years and don’t have a child; Annie is dying for it and Max not so much. They have a tradition of having a game night every week with friends, Kevin (Lamorne Morris) and Michelle (Kylie Bunbury), who have been school sweethearts and married young. Ryan (Billy Magnussen), a complete dumdum has a tendency to date even more intellectually challenged ladies then he is. Max and Annie also have a clingy neighbor Gary (Jesse Plemons), a cop, who wants to be in the game night, but they evade him at ever possibility.

Things go sour for the couple when Max’s more popular, handsome and successful older brother Brooks (Kyle Chandler) comes to town and hijacks their game night; they, however, are not going to let it go easily.

Game Night is delightfully funny and genuinely surprising with its plot and twists. Directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein (with a nice script by Mark Perez) have a flair for shooting the story with the right panache, and are backed by a cast who knows how to make comedy work.

A nice escapist, popcorn fun, there isn’t much not to like about Game Night.