Instagram has an undiscovered feature

One of the most popular photo and video sharing app, Instagram, apparently has an obscure feature, which is said to potentially allow people to shoot attractive portraits with bokeh effect and blurred backgrounds or various other effects for lighting one’s photos.

As per TechCrunch’s news story, the hidden feature is buried within the app’s Android Application Package (APK), which is an icon in the Stories camera for a Portrait shutter. Several smartphones, including the newer models of iPhone, also include the app’s portrait option in their default cameras. The photo-sharing application seems to be preparing to expand its variety of shutter modes to stand up against its competitor app Snapchat.

YouTube tests new feature to make videos interesting

The video-sharing website is testing a new feature that replaces background images in a video, more like what the green screen does. Google’s engineers have developed a new tool that utilises AI machine learning to sort out and replace the backdrop in videos. They are referring to it as mobile real-time video segmentation, and it is here for you to up your game when using the app. Imagine, what it would be to go through videos created by creative netizens from around the world.

While explaining what the new feature holds, Google states, “Our new segmentation technology allows creators to replace and modify the background, effortlessly increasing videos’ production value without specialised equipment. Our immediate goal is to use the limited rollout in YouTube stories to test our technology on this first set of effects. As we improve and expand our segmentation technology to more labels, we plan to integrate it into Google's broader Augmented Reality services."