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Master the art of applying bronzers

  • 17 Mar - 23 Mar, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty

Choosing the right bronzer for your facial and make-up needs can be a bit tricky. They come in all shapes and types, so how does one navigate them all on their own? From powder to liquid to cream-based bronzers, here’s an easy guide to using all the types like a pro

Powder bronzer

This is one of the more traditional types of bronzers used by make-up junkies, and is typically applied with an angled bronzer brush. When using a powder solution, make sure to tap off any excess product from the brush. Create a “3”, starting from the forehead (moving outward, toward the temple), then under the cheekbone, and along the jawline. This product and technique is also great for contouring.

To make nose appear smaller or straighter, use an eyeshadow brush to trace bronzer along both sides of the nose to give the illusion of symmetry and slimness. In terms of shades, go for a taupe bronzer versus a red or terra cotta one, as the latter tend to pull more orange tones when they settle on the skin, whereas a taupe shade looks more natural.

Liquid bronzer

Liquid types are quite easy to work with once you get the hang of them. This is the one to opt for if you want to have a naturally contoured appearance. And since liquid bronzer almost melts into the skin, it’s easy to blend, and sits well on top of textured skin (acne, rosacea, eczema, etc).

Pro tip: Squirt a little liquid bronzer into the palm of your hand. Take a bronzer brush (or blush brush), and swirl the bronzer until the colour is entirely in the brush. Then, apply your product as you would a powder bronzer.

Cream bronzer

Cream-based ones are fantastic for creating heavier coverage or a more sculpted contour on the skin. This product is recommended for those with dry, mature or wrinkled skin. Apply a cream-based bronzer immediately after liquid foundation for a more natural finish!

Dip a flat foundation brush into the cream and create a line starting under the cheekbone and working upward toward the ear. Use a wet beauty blender to blend it in. Apply the bronzer to the forehead, along the hairline (make sure to blend it right up to the hairline so there aren’t any visible lines or streaking) and jawline with the flat foundation brush, finishing on both sides of the nose with a concealer brush. Finally, blend, blend, blend!