Dua Lipa


by Dua Lipa
  • 30 Sep - 06 Oct, 2017
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Time Out

Dua Lipa’s rise has been a steady period of growth rather than the quick flash in the pan, that several new artistes can easily fall victim to. Her self-titled debut album is a lesson in pop precision, with each new tune ascending her status as the most exciting young singer around.

Her voice sounds effortless, cool and passion, and opener Genesis brings these two contrasted traits together in perfect synchronization. The Miguel featuring Lost In Your Light is an early highlight, and the track shows that the only place for Dua Lipa is centre stage. The level of radio support that the track Hotter Than Hell received could have risked people being over this single by the time the album dropped, thankfully though each play is fresher and huger than the last. Be The One for many was the first track that put Dua Lipa on the map. Anyone that can hear Be The One and not feel joy reach to the bottom of their soul is probably just a cardboard cutout of a person. IDGAF is an empowering break up track that reassures you that they never deserved you anyway. Now, there is finally a catchy tune to soundtrack such an empowering moment.

Blow your Mind (Mwah) is the ultimate party song, for it gets people turning into party animals.

Dua Lipa’s confidence is one asset that cannot be tainted or lessened by the world, and her debut record is brimming with globe conquering potential.