PTV’s OAS Good and Bad!

This is perhaps the best work a film-returned Babar Ali has done in years!

No, I am following that thought that if Babar had continued on from PTV’s famous historic play, Labbaik, he would now be one of the best senior artistes on the drama section. I have nothing against our films, but I know for a fact that Babar Ali is a splendid actor, whose best years were wasted in meaningless films that have no caliber. He became theatrical and gruff, not able to retain his softer tones in our typically melodramatic cinema. In PTV’s serial, Oas, he has shown a sensible tone of a fine actor that he could still become!

Charming Zee Q is not so charming in Oas. She plays a forever complaining wife of Babar, who finds every bahana in the book to leave her husband every once in a while.

Sania Saeed is as expressive as her second janam after Aseerzadi, though once again the writer could have built more character traits for her role. I don’t understand why our writers fail to build details into characters. The emotional side from Sania is fine, but don’t the girls have habits, talent, interests? Why such bland roles? You can see in Pyari Bitto that Sania has all the caliber, but she’s short of details in Oas. Like all normal humans, men and women of drama serials must have shades. They are not straw dolls, for heavens’ sake.