Adnan’s LSA miss leaves us speculating!

And so he should! I mean leave for Bollywood, instead of attending a below-par Lux Style Awards!

Just imagine how’d you feel when you are being listed with a kal ka chokra, Ahad Raza Mir, and being mentioned as a nominated actor in the best actor category! And Ahad won!

With brilliant actors like Noman Ejaz and Rehan Sheikh, and Irfan Khoosat in TV serials like Sang-e-Marmar ka Dil and Simmi seemingly ineligible to stand side by side with him, Adnan surely felt irritated. Well, he may not admit it, but I remember how Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan felt when the music awards in Pakistan once paired him with Nadeem Jaffri! Can you beat that? I mean Adnan Sami, yes, but any other youngster, no. You cannot pair any new chap with a legend!

Adnan did the best role of his career in Simmi, a progressive serial on the wani issue. His performance could be compared to the best in the game. He played a ghulam and hitman of a conniving wadera with the most plain-faced, ever-tense kama of any feudal in the local lands. The unquestioning, emotionless daze that such a man acquires was superbly done.

I have, myself, appreciate Ahad, because he is amongst the best young artistes. But, frankly, he doesn’t figure anywhere in the best drama serials of last year!