They Both Die At The End


by Adam Silvera
  • 30 Sep - 06 Oct, 2017
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Time Out

How would you react when you know that you have just one day to live? Such is the job of a company named Death-Cast, whose work is to inform people about their impending deaths within the approaching days. However, they do not tell how it will happen. Such a call was made to two teenagers who reside in New York City: Cuban-American foster kid Rufus and a Puerto Rican Mateo. Rufus needs company after a violent act puts cops on his tail and lands his friends in jail; Mateo wants someone to push him past his comfort zone after a lifetime of playing it safe. The two meet through an app called Last Friend. Mateo and Rufus set out to seize the day together in their final hours, during which their deepening friendship thrives. The book features the protagonists’ distinctive first-person narrations, while some brief third-person chapters takes readers into the lives of various characters they encounter on their journey together. It is amazingly written by Silvera, who deals with a theme not many try to explore. It is a very contemplative, engrossing and heart-wrenching read, just like its title suggests.