Belapur kee Dayan – All This Crap!

I was mentioning catharsis through playing domestic roles! I mean there was just this reasoning left to explain such monotonous scripts every week, channel by channel. But, on top of that you come up with a bafflingly terrible serial like Belapur kee Dayan (BKD)! As if there weren’t enough evil saas, bahu and nand in these terrible serials, that you present a churail to call it prime-time entertainment!

A real Aasebkhana this 7 to 9 slot, isn’t it? And then all this in the name of variety!

If you ask me, it’s only a matter of degrees. If the monotony of domestic scripts had dull, meaningless dialogues, except for a couple of serials, then BKD is like the dime-a-dozen sasti horror story in the worst of digests. Instead of some progressive serials like Udari and Simmi, they keep on dishing out this crap, week after week! We once used to present serials like Safaid Saya, the adaptation of a classic, Woman in White, in the late Sixties and early Seventies. Today, we are down to this nonsense!

And to top it all, they have slotted this most charming girl, Sarah Khan in this role of a dark witch! Perhaps these dodos are totally unaware of picking a horrid mother-in-law for this role!