From the travel diaries of Juggun Kazim

Juggun always has us excited about the stunning dresses she wears regularly on her morning shows. We are in awe of the pictures the actress-turned-host has been sharing on her Twitter page, as work takes her to the Gulf and Croatia. Judging by the snaps, it’s fair to say that Juggun has an impeccable taste in fashion and styling.

Snow-dusted and classy

In a Twitter post, a snow-disheveled Juggun expresses winter bliss and reminisces her time in Western University, Canada, as she pairs a fashionable fur coat with ripped jeans and boots. The fashionista proves that even a little amendment to the outfits can make us look fashion-forward and stylish; restyling the top or bottoms properly can go a long way in saving us from splurging on clothes while helping us achieve a better, sophisticated look.

Set for a dinner date
Clad in QuizPK outfit - a chiffon shirt below a shrugged bright blazer in camel colour, blackest pair of jeans, boots and with perfectly blowdried hair, Juggun looks all exclusive, giving major styling goals on how to prep right for a dinner date with her supporting husband, Faisal Naqvi.

Go-to Airport Look
Pairing a black, loose embellished QuizPK sweater with ripped jeans and long boots, Juggun is giving us major airport styling lessons while on way to board a plane to Croatia.

Redefining casual
Keeping it casual and minimal for a tourist, Juggun chooses a pearly white sweater to pair with skinny jeans and off-white boots. To add a hue of colour to her attire, she opts for a powder blue coat. We are nodding our heads at your smart fashion choices, Juggun!