Rise of a Statement

Athleisure has emerged as a dominant apparel trend that peaked in the second quarters of 2017 and continues to be all the rage till now.

It is defined as the trend of buying athletic apparel for its unique properties – sweat-wicking, stretch, comfort – without necessarily intending to use it for your work out sessions. The reign of Athleisure is going down in the fashion history as the “rise of a statement”.


Wear it with jeans and sneakers for a casual occasion. You can consider replacing casual shoes with formals for a formal occasion. There are no rules other than to try not to look like you’re going to the gym.

At one time, a sweatshirt was simply that; a shirt to sweat in at the gym or on weekends. But thanks to athleisure, luxury houses are redefining this once-upon a time comfort clothing which has emerged as a high fashion hero piece for men and women. Regular celeb spotting has further fueled the trend as you’ll find many of our L-Town A-listers sporting the cool look. The “statement sweatshirts” are not classic grey but embroidered, bold printed, deconstructed and satin-backed. Most of the leading style icons around the world admit that comfort is the new style. Athleisure makes it possible for folks to wear comfortable yet stylish statement pieces on an everyday basis. Unlike their ordinary kind, statement sweatshirts have become a go-to choice for majority of the celebrities.

If you feel bland and dulled-out while sporting your casual sweatshirt and jeans, shrugging into a casual hoodie or jacket will fetch some bling to your attire. It will also make for an outfit that can be worn on a night out.

Here, it’s important to keep in mind that statement sweatshirts and athleisure wear have brought about a new era in fashion. This is why designers work hard to create something that can be differentiated from gym wear and be worn at casual or formal events. Opt for something that works as an all-rounder and is not too shabby. While the ‘rise of the statement’ athleisure is inspired largely by gym-wear make sure you take it beyond it.

With the ragging popularity of athleisure amongst celebs and masses alike, many stores have gone a step further to stretch their flagships stores that are now often entirely dedicated to the athletic wear. With its continued popularity many stores have jumped on the athleisure bandwagon in the hopes of boosting sales.

Sweatpants have become the unwavering code of athleisure, but denims are also joining the fashion run. Statement t-shirts and sweatshirts paired with casual jeans for a day out have become immensely popular with the celebs. Feel free to put on your favourite ripped jeans over a t-shirt as you hit the door.

The sweatshirt offerings by big brands has only become wider and the updates, more luxurious. Fabrics have moved beyond typical jersey to jacquard, leather or even fur. Details like quilting, zippers, embroidery and embellishment have contributed in elevating the casual style. This is probably because designers are bringing in their own twist.