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Chatbot to now handle volatile airline prices

A chatbot will now offer to help one protect against volatile airline prices. It is the same bot, DoNotPay, which has already helped many of its users to protest against parking tickets and has even sued a consumer credit reporting agency, Equifax, for small amounts of money.

A junior at Stanford University, Joshua Browder, has designed this latest service on the bot in just a few months’ time, after he had experienced fluctuations in airline prices last year. He first used the service himself and later tested it with some of his friends, in a limited beta version, and claimed to have saved around $450 a year.

The service is now available for the public and they can use it by logging in to their Google account, add their phone number, birthday and credit card data using Stripe, without having to worry about their credit card data of being stored. The chatbot will then tell them if they are set to use the service. It will then help ensure that one pays the lowest rate for their class and seat.

Google Lens rolls out its visual search feature for iOS

After slowly moving towards Android devices, Google’s AI-powered feature visual search will now be available on iOS. Users of Apple devices will soon get to see a preview of the Google Lens pop up in the latest version of their Google Photos app.

The app works when one’s camera recognises items in a certain picture and is able to take an action with various tie-ins to Google Assistant.