YouTube to add Wikipedia’s information with conspiracy videos


YouTube will include information from the free online encyclopedia – Wikipedia – with videos about popular conspiracy theories in order to provide alternative viewpoints on controversial subjects. Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube said that these text boxes, which the company calls “information cues,” would begin to appear on conspiracy-related videos in the next couple of weeks.

The action by YouTube comes after a year, wherein the video website has been denounced for endorsing extremist content and driving users’ attention to it through algorithmic recommendations, which, according to critics are designed to push viewers to extremes.

Twitter to prioritise trending news for users

Twitter is very much interested in finding newer ways to accommodate its news content to feature in the microblogging site. Unlike, its social media rival Facebook, which is fighting the fake news issue for some time.

As per report published in Buzzfeed, Twitter confirms that it is now testing new algorithm-curated timelines, whenever there are big events taking place, and then placing those tweets from various news organizations and users at the top of one’s timeline. Humans are, so far, involved in the selection of various stories, however, as per a Twitter spokesperson it could potentially become only algorithmic in the future.