Uncanny similarities between Sridevi && Whitney Houston’s deaths

Fans across the world mourned Sridevi who passed away on February 24, 2018. Some avid internet surfers have speculated eerie similarities of Sridevi’s death to that of American singer Whitney Houston who died at the age of 48 on February 11, 2012. Both the artists died due to accidental drowning in a hotel bathtub. The two suffered cardiac arrest before drowning, they were out of their home town to attend major events (Sridevi for a family wedding and Whitney for the Grammy Awards) and there were traces of alcohol found in their bodies. Other celebrities such as Jim Morrison and Bobbi Kristina Brown were also found dead in a bathtub in 1971 and 2015, respectively. Nevertheless, the striking resemblance between Sridevi and Whitney’s deaths surely boggle minds.