Artist pays tribute to Edhi

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The world knows Abdul Sattar Edhi as one of the greatest philanthropist of his time. On July 8, 2016 , the humanitarian passed away leaving behind a legacy and millions of well-wishers who will always remember him for his noble contribution to humanity. Where many in Pakistan are heard acknowledging the legacy of Edhi, a young artist from the UK has recently made headlines following his outstanding tribute to the patron of charity.

Daniel Swan, an artist who calls himself an admirer of the great Edhi, has drawn a life-like mural of the nation’s pride at London’s popular tourist attraction, Trafalgar Square. The artist himself runs a shelter for the homeless and before he was into philanthropy and mural painting, Daniel had a rather smooth career in the U.S. and travelled extensively. It was during one of these journeys that he got to know about Edhi and was inspired by his work. So, he eventually decided to spend a big chunk of his earnings on serving the needy.