Launch of #MeinBhi anthem

Shehzad Roy’s ‘Kya Darta Hai’ has been chosen as the #MeinBhi campaign’s anthem.

It is heartwarming and soul-stirring to see the entertainment industry stepping on the social responsibility of spreading awareness about social issues that require attention. In the wake of Zainab’s tragic rape incident in Kasur that tore the entire nation in distress and anger, the #MeinBhi campaign was launched to raise awareness about the severity and rampancy of child abuse in Pakistan.

#MeinBhi aims to cover several human rights violations and encourages everyone to show support by saying Mein bhi aap ke saath hoon (I also stand with you).

Debuted earlier at an awards show, Shehzad Roy’s much-loved ‘Kya Darta Hai’ has been chosen as the #MeinBhi anthem. It was officially launched as the campaign song at a private event on March 13.

The song was created by a 40-piece orchestra, Faith Studio, and over 32 musicians including Shehzad Roy, Kashmir Band, Fuzon, Natasha Baig, Pindi Boys, Abu Muhammad, Shani Hyder, Lyari Underground, Humaira Channa, Fareed Qawal, Mikki Murshed, Zoe Viccaji, Rachel Viccaji, Aima Baig, Mohsin Abbas, Gohar Rasheed, Sanam Marvi, Amanat Ali, Fakhir, Ali Gul Pir, Fareeduddin and Raziuddin Ahmed.

The #MeinBhi campaign, initiated by PR mogul Frieha Altaf and her team saw a successful launch of the song at the event. It was attended by notable socialites and actors, including Ayesha Omar, Ahsan Khan and Nadia Hussain who showed their strong support to the campaign. The British Deputy High Commisoner, Elin Burns, was the chief guest on the occasion. She lauded and appreciated the efforts of the campaigners.

The heart-touching song has been sung pro bono by all the artistes and is free to be used for any human rights campaign. The message of the song is encapsulated profoundly in the video, which shows a picture of the young Zainab, followed by Malala, Qandeel Baloch, Shahzeb Khan, acid attack victims, the martyred students from APS and many more.

Around the globe, the film, arts and entertainment industry has continually taken social matters in its hands to create uniformity of opinion, awareness and consciousness. It is highly appreciable to see Pakistan’s entertainment industry following suit and resolving societal matters with such initiatives. An initiative like #MeinBhi sets the precedence of being first of its kind, wherein Pakistani artistes have stepped out to take matters in their own hands and make a difference.