Katy takes American Idol to whole new level

Katy Perry shocked fans when she flashed everyone on ‘American Idol’! But was it a stunt or a real slip-up?!

Katy Perry’s time on American Idol has been short but she’s already flashed audiences at home and causing an uproar by kissing a 19-year-old contestant, who later said that it was unwanted! But with 10.3 million viewers tuning in for the March 11 premiere it’s safe to say she’s made an impression! But one question still lingers: Was that fall a gag? Thanks to our insider, we’ve gotten some answers on Katy’s antics! “Katy is feeling a ton of pressure right now, she feels like she needs to save American Idol,” an insider tells HollywoodLife.com. “She knows everyone is watching her and watching the ratings and she wants to do whatever it takes to make the show a big hit again.”