Khalida kee Walida Saba does it again!

For one, this PTV serial has two of my favourite artistes, Firdaus Jamal and Saba Qamar. Secondly, it has one of the most melodious title songs one has heard in recent times. Thirdly, it takes you back to the realistic times of the Seventies, when PTV ruled the roost!

Well, it is still just another domestic drama. So, I am not going to give in to the nostalgia that brings back the days when Roohi Bano appeared so simple, and brilliant, and Farooq Zamir and Qavi Khan were applauded for their dialogue delivery. Saba Qamar, incredibly takes you back to those days with her no- make-up simple, ghareloo look, and stunning beauty that is in her expressive eyes. Similarly, Firdaus Jamal, in this simple role, makes you take notice with his trademark gesture scale. You just can’t overlook this scenario.

Despite certain flaws in a typical PTV production, bland camera work and hardly a movement in any scene, the acting catches your attention. Its afsosnak that some good artistes are being wasted with hardly any innovation in drama values. The chap, who played Zardari in Hum Sab Umeed se Hain, Zahid Qureshi is a very competent and versatile artiste, and he has enlivened an otherwise boring screenplay.