Shehla Chatoor The True Artiste

What eye-popping tarash kharash, and what beautiful colours! No wonder Shehla Chatoor inspires such accolades for her ethnic libas!

One jhalak of Shehla’s curvaceous dresses, and you immediately find yourself going into a wow phew! I was recently looking at her 2017 work, and it looked to me like she is a true artiste. The cultural feel of her prints is not your usual stuff; it has a complex vivification, something like very closely-spun magic. That’s what impressed me. You get my meaning? Like patterns in a painting, symbolic and well-spun.

Eastern drapery is hard to amalgamate with the west. But, here, too, Shehla has done quite nicely, though sleeveless in these patterns don’t fit really. Somehow, may be, the right taney baney were not put in place. Slightly more hard work is needed. But, mostly, the stuff is a dream-like sequence. Atta girl!

Shehla Chatoor is now collaborating with Sophia Webster for her Spring/summer collection 2018, and the event has already taken place on March 18. Good luck to her.