Sushant bags another biopic

Sushant Singh Rajput will be seen in another biopic soon on the Indian wrestler, The Great Khali. This will be his third biopic; as the actor has played MS Dhoni earlier and will also be doing a film on Paralympic gold medalist Murlikant Petkar. "The biopic is on the life of wrestler Dalip Singh Rana, better known as Khali or The Great Khali in WWE circle. The studio has spoken to the Punjabi wrestler and he has given them the rights to make a film on his life. Sushant has been approached to play the titular role and he has in principle agreed to do the film," an insider revealed.

The source adds, "People only know about the sporty side of this Indian-born American semi-retired professional wrestler, promoter, and actor. But there's an untold story behind his super success. He was an officer for the Punjab state police and struggled for years before making it big in wrestling. The story will be about his journey."

The filmmakers might use special efects to fit Sushant into Khali's frame of seven feet, one-inch and weighing 157 kilos.