The Denim Regime

The blue jeans, to date, is the 20th century’s most iconic garment and has always served designers something to experiment and subvert with.

We give you a handy new-season guide reviewing the denim trends, so that you know which denim to don and which to shed.

While, there will be many style purists who will argue that there is nothing better than a pair of dark, unsullied denim, investing in these different types will fetch your style game some ace.

Dad Denim

As with any enduring men’s staple, each season means subtle tweaks to a winning formula. But not even the biggest denimheads saw dad denim coming.

Unsurprisingly, a lot can go wrong with this trend. Think of being a style disaster in wearing loose, slightly faded pair to on a casual night out!

The resurgence of dad denim is one that’s been championed by high-end designers – it’s all about an unfussy, unpretentious look, even if the price tag suggests otherwise.

Distressed Denim

Distressed denims were found in abundance in the last seasons, and with great gratitude we announce that they are here to stay around for another year. However, when handled with due respect, it doesn’t have to look like a case of too much money, not enough taste. Feel free to wear all types of ripped, bleached and raw-edged wear. Pulling off distressed denim comes with a cautioning style rule though; pair it with simple, casual top. This way you will avoid looking like a hippie!

Double Denim

Double denim is not everyone’s piece of cake, or… shall we say pair of stylish pants? While it isn’t the easiest trend to pull off, but if you get it right, you do look a hundred bucks! While doing double denim, your focus should be on choosing the denims that are visibly different, in colour and slightly in style.

White Denim

Summer is here and so are lighter hues of shirts, which will go brilliantly with that white pair of denims. But white jeans can be tricky to wear. Make sure you get the right fit; which should be neither too skinny nor too wide, the secret to pulling off the look is in seeking out off-white rather than stark shades and steering simple and classic with the rest of your ensemble.

Denim With Turn-Ups

After the blazing success of Athleisure, stylists have been changing tack in recent seasons, introducing cropped styles that give a leg-up to what’s below. Now though, after several years of , menswear’s best-dressed are turning to the turn-up en masse, and for good reason. By turning up the hem of your jeans, you add a completely different shape to look. Turn-ups work best on rigid denim that will more easily retain folds.