Take a hint from Seattle based fashion blogger, Amy Bjorneby, to westernise your style quotient. “Lilac or lavender, whatever you want to call it, has been one of my favourite colours basically since I was born. I often find myself gravitating towards lavender in stores, and when I’m online shopping. Yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing with lavender lately. I started seeing lavender pop up last spring, but it didn’t quite hit the peak of its popularity.

“Throughout this past fall and winter, I’ve seen lavender being worn more and more! The runways were covered in it at the Spring 2018 fashion shows around the globe. Harpers Bazar called it ‘the next must-have color', with designers from Tom Ford to Valentino getting on board (checkout Harpers Bazar’s top Spring 2018 trends). Last Spring we couldn’t get away from ‘Millennial Pink’. This year, pastels coming in hot once again, with lavender leading the way.

You can incorporate lavender into your wardrobe in many different ways – your clothing, accessories, or even your nail colour!”