‘I want to be a director again’

A lot has been spoken about Karan Johar's directorial next, however, it seems like the film-maker is completely at sea about his upcoming projects. "I am very restless. I am jealous of all film-makers in my company who are making movies and I am not. I really want to make a movie. I want to be a director again. Because producing movies is amazing and it is satisfying and it is great for the company, etc., but the pleasure you get out of directing a film on your own and putting out your narrative is another thing," asserted the hit film-maker.

Karan added, "I might do something away from what is expected of me. I feel, one day I will make a film that no one is expecting me to make and everyone will actually applaud it."

He further said, "The film that we are remaking now, Ittefaq, is actually a song-less thriller. I would love to direct a thriller, but I just don't know how to write one."

"I never wanted to direct a remake of any film. If you remake, then you remake an immortal classic that you think you can interpret in a different way. Otherwise, I am not seeing a film I want to make again. We made OK Jaanu and I watch a lot of South movies; storytelling down South is on another level. It is amazing. They have better writing. We have not empowered our writers the way they have. Writing is what is sorely lacking in our cinema," he shared.