Spring Look Book 2018

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  • 31 Mar - 06 Apr, 2018
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10 to-die-for trends you should be replicating right now

1. Smoky violet eyes

Ultra-violet is definitely making the rounds this year, since the have also happens to be Pantone’s colour of the year. Smudgy, iridescent eyes will be the coolest way to experiment with the shade without looking like an Easter egg. Blend three different hues of violet across your lids for a bold gradience, or dust a light layer of lavender around your lash lines for a subtle, softer approach.

2. Flushed cheeks

Rosy, flushed cheeks will be taking the spotlight from super-matte foundations and strong contours for spring. Blend a soft-pink cream blush across the apples of your cheeks, on the tip of your nose, and over your lips, then amp up the glow factor with a few swipes of cream highlighter down the bridge of your nose and along your cheekbones.

3. Rose-gold highlighter

The highlighter craze of 2017 is getting revamped this year with the advent of rose-gold sheens. Swipe it across your cheekbones or blend it over your eyelids – this easy-to-wear-trend flatters every inch of your face and makes it glow, regardless of your skin tone.

4. Retro vibes

Feeling glamorous? Finger waves are the way to go! This retro hairstyle will up the style quotient of your look in a jiffy. They are easy to create on your own and do not require much effort to maintain, or many products to begin with.

5. Metallic blue shadows

Merge two of every girl’s favourite make-up trends together – royal blue and glitzy, metallic finish – for what will quite possibly be the prettiest, boldest look of the season. To keep the trend from looking like an '80s throwback, pick a shadow that looks opaque and rich, without any hint of milky white, and keep the rest of your make-up neutral.

6. Art-deco cat eyes

Although the classic cat eye never really left, it is definitely having its moment in the spotlight right now – but this time with more shapes. Rather than the sloping wings of a usual cat-eye, this spring's revival is all about sharp angles in matte-black shades.

7. Chop it up

Looks like Pakistani celebrities are taking a cue from international runways by keeping it short. One by one, our girls are chopping off their enviable locks for even more enviable bob and pixie cuts. Add highlights and lowlights of your choice and spice up this look for your own tresses.

8. Bare pout

Balancing make-up is key this season. You want to follow trends but not look too made up. So in case you have your eyes all dolled up, get your nude lip colour out to balance out the features. This shade would be perfect when you have statement eyeliner or smokey eyes going on.

9. Inky lips

As soon as warm weather hits, we're usually tempted to toss our darkest lipsticks to the sidelines. But this spring, go ahead and be bold; opt for rich, inky shades of plum and cherry to offset the onslaught of pastels. This is a fun chance to bring matte finishes back into the mix.

10. Peachilicious

Don’t miss out on coral and peachy hues this spring. Complement your seasonal wardrobe with bright tones on your cheek, eyes and pout.