Kompal Iqbal - The Dainty Diva On Chasing Her Dreams

Dressed to the nines, the petite ingénue is one soft-spoken lass, who isn’t afraid to chase her dreams. Kompal, the 19-year-old starlet who has a bachelor’s degree in social sciences, has entered Pakistan’s entertainment industry with the aim to make it big. Despite the fame and success of her elder sister Sumbul Iqbal, whose acting prowess is laudable, Kompal aspires to carve her own niche with the help of her undying abilities. The girl started her acting career with modelling and television commercials, and has also done character roles in dramas like Janey Kyun, Inteha, 100 Din Ki Kahani, Zindagi Tujh Ko Jiya and Shehrnaz to name a few, yet she remains on top of her game, for she has a dedicated fan base accredited to her innocent and charming demeanour. The literal meaning of her name is a flower bud, and she indeed, resembles one. Born on August 25, Kompal is a true Virgo at heart and is the epitome of allure who is set to rule the hearts of millions as a lead in her upcoming projects in the near future. The emerging actress says it all in a candid chat with MAG.

How long have you been working in the industry?

Kompal Iqbal: I have recently started my career with television commercials (TVCs) and modelling. I am currently working on my debut serial as the lead, which will soon hit the TV screens. I am really excited and hope that people appreciate my work.

What was your first project in showbiz?

KI: My first project was a TVC, as well as a fashion shoot and I had a wonderful experience of working for them (the team), so much so, that I will always cherish those days throughout my life.

How many projects have you done so far?

KI: I have done TVCs and numerous fashion shoots. Recently, I did dramas and my fans can expect a lot more of my work in the upcoming days and months.

Which is your most favourite project till date, and why?

KI: It is too soon to deem any of the projects so far as my favourite. The fact that I am working on my debut serial at the moment will help me decide after its release. However, when I sign more dramas in the future that have unique content and convey a good message to the viewers, then I will be able to choose that one favourite project.

Your sister Sumbul has made her mark in the industry. Do you ever take her advice when selecting projects?

KI: Yes, I do take advice from her and have always been appreciative of her hard work, for she is the most diligent person ever. I observe her work closely and watch how she pulls off all the different characters in drama serials that carry different and strong content. I also plan to work exactly like her in the future and follow her footsteps. As an individual, I want to make my own identity just like she did. Ever since I started working in the entertainment industry, I have received really good feedback and my fans have appreciated my work, which is why I am very happy and looking forward to achieving my full potential.

Do you look up to Sumbul when it comes to acting?

KI: Yes, I do. I learn a lot from her work and it’s not just Sumbul’s work that I take inspiration from, in fact, I watch movies and learn from other actors and the characters in those movies. Every actor should watch the work done by other actors and learn from them.

How do you handle the criticism (if any) in terms of your work?

KI: When it comes to [destructive] criticism, I ignore people who have nothing good to say. The kind of industry we work in requires a lot of patience [from us]. If you do not have patience then you can’t survive in this industry. It is a 12-hour job and being a part of this profession, one has a lot to deal with. So, of course, there is criticism too and the best thing you can do is ignore, which I always do because I like my work and want to pursue it as a career. I avoid people who unnecessarily criticise my work, as it won’t do any good to me if I take them seriously.

You have done modelling, appeared in TVCs and acted in serials as well. What have you enjoyed the most?

KI: All of the three things are different and have different reasons to be liked for. However, acting is what I enjoy the most. I have always wanted to be an actor. Even though in acting you have to build your character and as long as you don’t do that, your work does not appear as good as it should on-screen. To build your character, you need to keep in mind all the components of good characterisation and acting. You have to pay attention to your make-up, hair styling and wardrobe, because all of these things matter a lot when it comes to making a character look great. Whereas, the fashion industry is all about glamour.

Any plans of acting for a movie and have you received any such offers?

KI: Yes, of course, I want to work in movies and I have been offered different roles. Every actor wants to see themselves on the big screen because that’s like a final destination for them, and I will consider doing films in the future. But since I have recently started my acting career, I want to get done with at least three to four projects that are in the pipeline. After completing them, I would consider doing movies. So hopefully, you guys might see me doing one (film) next year.

Who do you idealise in terms of acting?

A: Mila Kunis, Kristen Stewart and Matthew Daddario.

Where do you see yourself as an actor in the next five years?

KI: I see myself really successful, for I have a lot planned for the next five years in terms of what I will be doing with both, my profession and life. Without planning, one can’t handle things smoothly; therefore, ground work is very important. There are movies and a lot of other things that I am considering to do in the upcoming years.

Tell us something about your childhood. How were you as a kid?

KI: I have always been a good child and student. During my school and college life, I always participated in different tableaus, quiz competitions and other co-curricular activities. As far as my academic life is concerned, I have always been a position holder in every discipline, particularly in exams. As a kid, I was a very fun-loving person who made friends easily.

What is the most memorable thing about your childhood?

KI: I have always loved hanging out and watching movies. Ever since I was a child, my favourite sports were badminton and football. I love the former more, because I have been playing it ever since I was a kid. I always made it a point to be with my family and friends.

Are you an introvert or extrovert? Why?

KI: I am an extrovert through and through. I like talking to people and interacting with them. When I am doing shoots, I talk to photographers and observe them, so I know how to build camaraderie with them. I tend to mould myself into the kind of people I am hanging out with, which makes me an extrovert by nature.

Is there a dream role that you want to play?

KI: Well, I have a lot to do in life and have a lot of dream roles to perform as an actor. Since I have just started my career in the entertainment business, I look forward to achieving my goals.

How do you manage work and personal life?

KI: Both work and personal life is difficult to handle together. Earlier, I did not have enough idea about the time and energy required in the acting profession, but now I know how to manage my life while working as a full-time actor. So when I’m not working, I try to give as much time as I can to my family and friends. I also make sure that I take some time out for myself.

How do you keep yourself fit and maintain a slender figure?

KI: I eat healthy foods and never miss my evening walks, while I also exercise sometimes. Earlier, I used to follow diet plans (for weight loss), however, since it’s not good for one’s health, I have stopped following them. But exercise is what I cannot skip, for it’s a healthy habit and keeps one fit throughout their life.

What is your idea of a perfect life?

KI: I believe that life is perfect when you are content with your heart and are happy with the people around you. As long as your life is positive and you are satisfied with it, nothing can have a negative impact on you.

What brought you into acting?

KI: My passion is what brought me into this wonderful profession. I have always been passionate about being in the acting and modelling profession.

What do you look for in an ideal life partner?

KI: Honestly, I don’t believe in idealism and am a staunch believer in reality.

Do you believe in love?

KI: Yes, I do. I love my family, and especially my mom. She means the world to me!

What do you do to unwind?

KI: I like going out to my favourite restaurant for dinner.

What kind of music do you like listening to?

KI: I love music, especially, pop. I always keep myself updated with the latest in the world of music. Listening to good songs is one of my favourite hobbies, that keeps me addicted all the time. Therefore, music is like a drug for me.

What is the most important thing in your life?

KI: My family is the most important thing in my life.

What is your life's motto?

KI: My life’s motto is to do my best, so I can’t blame myself for anything. When your inner self is satisfied and you believe in Allah, it keeps you away from negativity and you automatically feel surrounded by peace.

Describe yourself in one word?

KI: I cannot suffice with just one word, so I would say I am both, beautiful and intelligent.

Hair & Make-up: N-Pro
Designer: Fara Yousaf Designs
Coordination: Umer Mushtaq
Photography: Rohail Khalid