Let the game begin!


Microsoft’s budget friendly console is a halfway house as far as 4K is concerned. It’s got the same UHD Blu-ray drive as the Xbox One X and can upscale games to 4K, but has pretty much exactly the same power as the original Xbox One. Still, compared to that unsightly machine, the One S is much more pleasant to gaze upon. Despite its 4K trappings, the One S is best thought of as a FIFA or CoD machine for people who are only going to play a couple of games a year. Sony’s library of Play Station exclusives makes sure of that. However, there’s no arguing with this console on a technical level. It’s a cheaper, more capable alternative to the PS4 Slim. Need a console for your annual FIFA fix? This’ll do nicely!

Tech Specs
• CPU 1.75GHz octa-core AMD Jaguar
•GPU 1.4-teraflop AMD Radeon
•Storage 500GB/1TB/2TB
•Dimension 295x230x64mm, 2.9kg