WhatsApp co-founder thinks there should be no Facebook


Even $19 billion aren’t enough to convince people regarding the advantages of Facebook. Considering that, there’s something which could end up being another blow to Facebook, WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton appears to have joined the growing movement to delete the social network when he tweeted, “it is time, #deletefacebook.”

The WhatsApp co-founder left the company six months ago, four years after Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion – the acquisition netted Acton as much as $3 billion from the deal. After quitting, he joined the Signal Foundation, a non-profit organisation that oversees the encrypted messaging app Signal.

Acton isn't the first former exec to criticise the social media giant, but he's one of the most high profile to do so, which will no doubt be embarrassing for Facebook, which is facing numerous investigations, a tumbling stock price, and questions about its current leadership (or lack thereof). Interestingly, it doesn't appear that Acton has taken his own advice just yet. His Facebook profile is still live.

Instagram tests ‘regram’ tool to let you share other people’s posts to your own Stories

The photo sharing app has started testing a tool which lets one 'quote Tweet' other people's posts on your own feed. TechCrunch has received screenshots from some users with the re-share tool enabled.

The tool works as one picks an Instagram post and taps a button to embed it in their story. It also lets users resize the post, highlight and lowlight sections and add a commentary. Users will also be able to add GIFs and other creative features. When their followers tap on the embedded picture they will get a "see post" option, which will take them through to the original. They will also have the choice to turn the "quote-stories" option off in their settings, meaning only public posts can be re-shared.