Ahmed Ali Akber Fun Guy!

The moment he entered the mahogany doors of domestic drama (that’s the only one left!) he added his own bit of peppermint, naturally soft fun!

Ahmed Ali Akber, a totally different player in the game, is refreshingly non-hysteric in the current format of our drama. With a very homely, and laidback style, he has put some zing into our overly dramatic fare. Well, I can appreciate that artistes need their own catharsis in drama, but just the entry of a goodfella in the ranks won’t do anything very drastically twitchy to the routine.

With the serials rooting for the weepy, riotous second halves, you need characters like Ali in say, Yeh Raha Dil, to put some sense into the inevitable. Of course, the serial had two good characters that shored it up. Yumna Zaidi, too, added the sparkle. And I am not saying that Akber is not lacking in some vital characteristics; he wasn’t able to fit in some other menu. His smile is infectious, and he is a perfect boy next door. In fact, I’d say he may be the next lead Hasina Moin would be looking for! But, he seems lacking in longer, pensive dramatic conversation, which may trouble him later. Nothing can replace good script. And we suffer from it all the time. Until Akber is unable to face off situations in our typical drama vehicles, he may yet be the refreshing change that we direly need!