Salman Ahmed I’m Coming Out!

Oh wow! That’s really like coming out of your cubby hole!

I mean knowing Salman Ahmed’s currently quiet nature, after returning to musical civilisation at large, I was surely thrown back a little, and took the sahara of the nearest wall.

Well, Salman surely shook the Bronx with his full-throttle declaration of finally leaving Imran Khan’s side after Aamir Liaquat joined the party! “After 35 years, I have decided to leave Imran,” he said with a final shrug! “If a munafiq like Aamir Liaquat is joining PTI, I am leaving it!” Gosh! Believe you me, I didn’t expect it from Salman Ahmed! The days of Salman’s taqreer are long gone. I won’t say he has mellowed down, because he was never loud, but he has been the back burner this time around!

Thus, the jhatka! Yeah, but I am sure this won’t impact his music, this verdict of his! Don’t stop the music, even if you turn off politics! I mean, from Ehtisab onwards!