Dar See Jati Hai Sila Where’s It Headed?

Issue based it surely is! But, it’s a little bit of a drag now.

Everybody is acting well, everything seems to be moving! But, upstairs, downstairs, day-in day-out, you can’t remain hidden for too long! Too much of a coincidence, I’d say. The script is pre-supposing a lot of situations. The wicked mamoon hasn’t been exposed for a much longer period than a nosey parker character like Sakina Samoon’s will allow for. A woman, who walks into every room, sooner than later, and catches everyone doing something weird, hasn’t caught the one man who is the dirtiest rat of the house.

Seems a bit too coincidental, doesn’t it?

The entry of the giggly wife of Joey (Noman Ejaz) has changed the lacklustre pace of the serial. She has already barged into the secret meetings of Joey and bhabi. So, that’s a little relief. Otherwise, it was getting to be a bit too tiresome watching Munazza Arif’s sad and tearful act one scene after the other. Specially, when the lady had already done an extremely tragic role in Simmi, first up! They wring out all the natural aansoo of an artiste to such an extent that she would start to look very unnatural later on! That’s what is happening to a gifted artiste like Munazza.