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Lahore Biennale 2018

Bagh-i-Jinnah recently witnessed the public opening of Art Projects at the Lahore Art Biennale amidst a gathering of 50 foreign and local artists, art lovers, fashion gurus, art critics and educationists. The opening and closing weekends of the Biennale included talks and performances. Opening performances included those by composer Du Yun and vocalist Ali Sethi. Closing performances included a sketch by Salima Hashmi, a performance reading by Naiza Khan and dramatic readings by Zambeel. In addition, a full program of academic and artistic talks was held every day during the Biennale. A music evening featuring Ali Sethi and Naseeruddin Sami and his sons was also organised in the walled city. Yet another programme the Youth Forum, Lahore aims to create artistic engagement for youth from all over the country, and from across various economic spheres. Workshop programs in several areas of art-making and writing were also conducted during the Biennale.

Treasure trove

Mom gets bashed for making baby eat wasabi in viral video

Letting children try spicy or sour foods at a young age may result in amusing reactions – but for one mom, a viral video of her daughter trying wasabi has prompted backlash and claims of child abuse.

In the clip, young Rosie's mom raises a chopstick with a small amount of wasabi, a spicy sushi topping, to her daughter’s mouth. Just seconds later, the little girl looks into the camera and says: “Help.” Many viewers have called her mum’s decision to feed her daughter wasabi child abuse. On Facebook – where the video has been shared over 211,000 times – it has prompted outraged parents to leave angry comments criticising the mum’s parenting.