The one time Queen makes it to a fashion show; the aftermath can hardly be ordinary. Her influence has been absorbed into fashion trends across continents, as the return of the silk scarves. Never before, were so many silk scarves spotted in a single season.

It rather has been the royalty’s favourite fashion accessory, with Her Majesty sporting beautiful, printed scarves to several public affairs; be it meeting the president of the Superpower or the usual sight-seeing around Britain. This season boasted an ode to The Queen’s most favoured style signature accessory during her 64-year-reign; the silk headscarf.

Faustine Steinmetz’s silk play

The Paris-born, London-based designer played with the similar experiments with the silk scarves, though she pumped her final look, a Nineties scarf top, with hundreds of Swarovski crystals. It’s a trend that has stayed afloat on the surface for a few seasons, with vetements and Balenciaga its biggest proponents, but this season looks to go front page.

Toga’s scarf print galore

Toga showed solid colours and floral-print dresses, combined with traditional Japanese design and contemporary Western styling. Showcased on a brilliant bottle-green, the under layers give a hint of floral design. And of course, the coveted headgear; a silk scarf!

“I added a few Queeny touches,” Richard Quinn

Quinn has been one of the few lucky designers to have his stunning exhibition attended by the Queen herself, and has also received gracious donations from the royalty. It was imminent that the notable fashion designer, added touches of his benefactor’s personal style on his fashion creations. Quinn’s autumn collection in London has large blown up prints on silks, forming pompous handkerchief-hem dresses and models wearing headscarves under their chins, paying ode to the Elizabeth-style.

Marine Serre’s patchwork scarves

The young French designer took the scarves to Paris, collecting different printed varieties over a series of months to form something fashion-forward and different out of them. Her stellar collection of patchwork scarf dresses and skirts have stirred a silk-scarf revolution in Paris.

Salvatore Ferragamo’s clandestine colours

Silk prints were brought to life in the famed Italian powerhouse brand’s collection. The collection boasted a blend of colourful and outstanding floral prints for an exclusive selection of scarves, silk overalls, stoles and dresses.