Spring-Summer Fashion Trends 2018

With spring here and summer following suit, we are taking the task of helping you sort the cool from the crap, for this season’s fashion trends.


It’s easy to say, checks can’t really make a comeback this season, because they never really went away! While the checks are perhaps never leaving the menswear party, the wrong checks can get you in a fix. Think heritage, think windowpane, as you pick a checkered shirt to work for you. Opt for larger, bigger and more complex patterns for shirts, trousers or knitwear. Caution: Avoid giving onlookers a headache. Checks on checks can be brilliant, but its not everyone’s safe ace.

Tonal dressing to go

Ditch the rule of ‘opposites attract’, this spring you will have to suffice and chic with the tonal way to dress. The core beauty of dressing tonal is that you can make it work for any scenario imaginable; tonal suiting for a summer wedding; tonal pastels for the street style, and tonal navy way to go on the night outs; tonal fixes everything. To ease into the tonals, think blue or grey for a safe start. Don’t be afraid to experiment with more neutral colours and pastel shades. Oh, and three is the magic number for the number of tonal items you should be wearing in one outfit; don’t go overboard!

Printed shirts, are yours truly

The last few seasons have seen a resurgence of printed shirts. Most of them can be gaudy, unfit or too overbearing; these are the prints you should ditch. Tropical prints can give you the impression of ‘a fun guy’, but if done nicely, you can make some serious bold statements with your attire. Opt for designs in pared-back colour palettes and combine with dark tailored chinos or jeans to nail the look.

Stripe it

Did they ever go out of fashion? We don’t think so. Stripes remain to be the fashion staples all year round. Keep it vertical or horizontal, or manipulate it anyway you want; they are officially the menswear’s pattern to go about anywhere. Seen on t-shirts, to formal shirts, to bomber jackets and even shorts; it rather has been a seriously stripey season. While pulling off stripes is not an ordeal, boy, you can make it go wrong at times. Stay cautioned about the size of your stripes. Too big and wide can eat your look, too narrow stripes can really pack you in.